Artist Biography

With endless curiosity, Jean is an adventurer-on-the-go seeking far flung places to live, work, and play. She has explored six of our seven continents. Jean lives in Toronto with a balcony with majestic views which inspires her writing while photographing the world above and beyond.

Artist Statement

In this ever-changing digital world, the days of our lives race by in a blur – fast, faster, and faster. When we stop and see beneath the surface, patterns and shapes reveal clues on how nature survives alongside technology. “Stopped and Found” is a call to slam on the brakes and have a look up, over, and beyond the screens to find wonder.

Please contact Jean for sales inquiries at [email protected] or call 416.529.9842

Please contact me for sales inquiries at [email protected] or call Jean at 416.529.9842