The Greater Good

December 30th, 2016

The end is near.  2016 – over and OUT! It cannot come soon enough. As Mom predicted, this Year of the Monkey was indeed light on good karma and at times, filled with shock and awe, even terror. Trump terror.

Where was the love?

I decided to dig deep. Here’s the good, the bad, and the greater good for December 2016:

The Greater Good

The Apology – Inspiration, admiration, motivation from Ms. Tiffany Hsiung, a star film maker in the making.

The Chris Haas Story – Pride, validation, admiration of a job well done by my client who started his journey with uncertainty and trepidation. He created a perfect gift out of his gift of good intention.

Rickshaw Bar  – Creativity, curiosity, crafted by talented Chef Noureen.  We’ve been to the same destinations near (Toronto & Chicago) and far (Dar Es Salaam, Nairobi).  I started when I was 28.  She is 28!  Lucky Chef Noureen!

The Good

Collateral Beauty – Storytelling, grief, pain pre-screened in VIP seats with complimentary appetizers, popcorn, and booze with my bosom buddies courtesy of CFCcreates complete with tissues for tears!

Flamenco -Style, stamina, sweat on stage where art, movement, and passion merge and showed aging can be beautiful, sometimes more than youth.

Non-Gig – Instinct, trust, belief – drawn from the past and this time, knowing what I don’t know.  When values just don’t align, no matter how you cut it, so you sigh and walk away. quickly. confidently.

Learning – Ask, probe, ponder but ask good questions to the right people at the right time.  Just ask, easy but hard.

Playing – Squash camaraderie, at times, competitiveness with comedy, and being injury-free after 4 long years…other than aging.

EatingLa Tazza Cafe, cheap and cheerful, heaping plates of chicken curry, chicken roti, butter chicken – lunch for 2 under $20 shared with my Toronto Bro, one of my fav people.  Playa Cabana, celebrating my Toronto Sistah’s 60th birthday, mixing Mex with mirth!  Barque, its bite(s) is better than its bark for an early Christmas dinner celebration with my techie best friends with ribs, brisket, pulled pork, wings … mountains of meat!

The Bad

Travelling – By air this holiday season, delay upon delay, sandwiched helplessly for 4 hours, anxious about my carry-on full of gifts (which fits fine on any airline anywhere in the world EXCEPT for Air Canada) because ol’ Hawk Eyes at the gate wrestled it out of my hands and tagged it for cargo but will it reach Calgary?, not to mention the added wait at the carousel AND then we have snow, lots and lots of snow, day and night, night and day.

I’m ready to ring in the new year and the Year of The Rooster!

Latest Update: Air Canada made good with goodwill gesture of 20% discount on base fare. Thank you for listening and Happy New Year to you, Air Canada! Oh, and yes, my carry-on in cargo made it to Calgary…in time for Christmas.




My Broken Life & My Beautiful Life

September 23rd, 2016

2016 is supposed to be my year, Monkey Year, indeed Fire Monkey Year.  Never again will this cycle pass.  My Mom advises my siblings and me to lay low, really low.  “Safety first” she says, nodding knowingly.

So my year  has become a “How To” kind of year.

How to package yourself and  “Stand Out” @DorieClark

How to crack “The Code of An Extraordinary Mind” @VishenLakhiani

How to clean up and “Spark Joy” Marie KondoHow To's

How to be more agile, both in mind and body “Stretching” @SuzanneMartin

How to code for age 9+ ummm yep, count me in “How To Code in 10 Easy Lessons” @SeanMcManus

How to manage money knowing “When to Say Yes and How to Say No” in “Money Talks” @GailVaz-Oxlade

even How to Learn Anything maybe I should have read this one first?! “The First 20 Hours @JoshKaufman

This week I swept the books aside and decided to write or should I say blog about #mybeautifullife.  It should be easy.  Beauty is everywhere.  Armed with a healthy dose of gratitude to have and to appreciate a beautiful life, I think I needed to reflect on #mybrokenlife.  I say, “A life well broken is a life well spoken.”  Now is the time to share why life is beautiful.  My blog won’t be a “how to” .  Mine will be as a gift, beautiful and simple, for my reader (readers maybe).  After all, isn’t this the age of sharing?

Let’s start.  Life is not just one crossroad but a messy tangle of many crossroads.  I can still re-live all the anguish and anxiety that each crossroad brings. But believe it or not, if you look down both roads, you will see it doesn’t really matter which one you choose,  life will be beautiful.  Life IS beautiful. Oh, how often I have reminded myself that ageing is a privilege!

This morning amidst the endless and ruthless construction noise beneath my balcony, I was leafing through the latest @Travel&Leisure borrowed from my local library (@GailVaz-Oxlade take note) trying to counter the constant tap tap tap of the carpenter below with stunning images of #thebestofthebest – this month, #TheCitiesIssue Memories begin to flow, rather flood my mind and take me back to my beloved #Kyoto #Boston #Singapore #Copenhagen

My Beautiful Life

My Beautiful Life


Travel is #mybeautifullife .  I work, save, and live for travel.  Some collect stuff, objects, things.  I like to collect experiences, memories, lessons learned. #mybeautifullife is what I choose.  What is #yourbeautifullife ?







The 10 Second-Syndrome

February 16th, 2016

It’s an odd yet common occurrence when as a Single Woman, I happen to make small talk with a man for the first time (important note: I said “small talk, not love”).  As soon as you utter the first sentence which might start as:

“Would you happen to know….”  or “Have you seen …”


“Would you like …” or “Are you free for ….”,

the countdown begins!  10 – 9 – 8 … and within literally SECONDS, “my girlfriend/wife/spouse/partner” suddenly appears in his reply.  Could someone please explain how men have this uncanny ability to interpret any small talk and translate it into a pick up line in less than 10 seconds?

Pretending Paris… in Toronto

February 14th, 2016

ColettesVDay2016Paris_LoveIn the lovely light of @ColetteToronto , my friends and I celebrated #Valentines Day brunch this weekend.  Undeterred by wind chill weather of -30C, we worked our way through ricotta lemon pancakes and eggs benedict with salmon and avocado followed by pear ginger macarons and pretended we were in Paris!


For the Love of ?

February 14th, 2016

This Valentine’s Day I received from my gal pals, the gift of longstanding friendships.  Love of good friends have stood the test of time – through joy, laughter, and tears.  We share this beautiful loaf of love this Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2016 and express our gratitude.Love_Bread

In the Mood for Love … and Gelato

November 1st, 2015

I had thisEnough Isn't Enough? fleeting, funny feeling walking home yesterday.  I suspect this is similar to wistful yearning for gelato, delectable and elusive, especially when there are no gelato shops in sight.

Daydreaming in the late afternoon, the natural light was so soft and sensuous when it struck me and I was in the mood for love! At that very moment, I remembered how intimate it felt to be in the arms of my lover as the floodgate opened and a million memories spilled out and over.

Ah yes, the light…. is this what ageing allows us?  Bits of nostalgia to hold and savour till next time … or maybe it’s quicker (and easier) to find that gelato shop?

Love In The Fast Lane

October 19th, 2015

Love seems ever elusive these days when suddenly,  I received a text from my 17 year old niece! As a young adult, she’s coming for her first visit to check out the university to craft her future.

I’m told we have only 3 hours together!  Arghhhh….it’s that same sinking feeling, being caught in a fire and having to choose what to take in a split second.  What to pick? Where to go?  How to plan?  What to do? Squeezing a lifetime into 3 hours? IMPOSSIBLE!  My mind shatters into a million pieces.  My heart hurts. Panic sets in.  Pressure’s on. Words tumble out so fast, nothing makes sense. This is love.

Like rally car drivers in a race against time, we have a strategy, sort of…play it by ear.  First, meet for lunch at Fresh, except she’s not into vegan, ooops, saved by the yummy bowl of sweet potato fries (whew!) and a goji-berry concoction,Lunch_at_Fresh

hop into car, choose a route, Rosedale Valley Road, blooming with fall colours, hop out of the car to admire Evergreen Brickworks,


jump back in car, and then out again for tea and chocolate desserts at Rahier,


in the car and out again to visit my flat and its breathtaking views,

My balcony

and all the while, dreading the end, delivering her back to her father.

Now we’re standing at the threshold of her grandma’s house so we hug.  We hug again, a little tighter this time.  My heartstrings tug, actually, yank.  It hurts to let her go.  She’s strong, no, she’s stalwart, thank goodness.  She reassures me that Christmas is just around the corner.

To know love is to feel love. There’s nothing in life that compares, so exquisite, so rare, so elusive….and off she goes and here I’ll stay … in love once more.



A Like Life Introspective

October 19th, 2015

Whatever happened to good ol’ fashion “like”?  It’s an odd phenomena when Single Person strikes up a conversation with  Total Stranger.  The countdown silently begins 10, 9 ,8 ….when Total Stranger hurriedly, awkwardly, injects this phrase: “My wife (girlfriend, partner, etc etc) and I ….”

Just saying ……takes mere seconds…

Can  Single Person engage in a conversation with a Total Stranger before Total Stranger’s brain is saying “uh oh, my wife/girlfriend is going to be upset with me talking to another woman so I better let them know I’m taken”?  Who has had this experience? Deja vu?

What ever happened to “like”?  Why not a like life (vs a love life), as in Lorrie Moore’s collection of short and snappy stories, “Like Life”?  Friends?  What a concept.



At long last….Love Unlocked

September 27th, 2014

locks for love

Unlike Paris’ locks for love on the Pont des Arts, No Loves Lost finally got “unlocked”!  We owe our thanks to Chris, our new IT Boy Wonder and a WordPress Master “Locksmith”.  Thank you, Chris!

Almost 8 months in limbo, our love blog was in search of a new home.  Ironically we got locked out on the big LUV day, 02/14/2014. The numerology was a sign to take a hiatus from the on-line dating scene.

Inspired by the young ladies of Lean In Canada this week, it’s time to test drive Tinder, meet up on Match, and change “Like Life” by brilliant American author, Lorrie Moore to “Love Life” by Yours Truly.  No Loves Lost blog is back!

Details Details!

January 12th, 2014

Kicking off the New Year with a tribute to all Moms around the world! Chowing down on the last of my Mom’s dumplings, I think back to my flight this week.

Before I boarded with carry-on only, I re-arranged the space in my satchel to store my Mom’s “care package”. I suspect many of you can relate. Not only was there enough for my 3 hour flight from YYC/YYZ but also for an entire week! Not complaining…ribs in black bean sauce, salted roast chicken, steamed dumplings and buns, banana, orange…

But what always blows my mind is Mom’s meticulous and loving care in packing – several paper towels folded neatly, the orange peeled and segmented, toothpicks for eating the dumplings, well, you get the picture.

As I hoisted my “care package” onto the tray in front, I noticed a young mom across the aisle, shushing and rocking her small baby. She was so concerned about him disturbing the passengers. And, of course, she didn’t have anything to eat. So I reached over and said, “Here! These are from my Mom to you, Mom.” She smiled with relief. Love learned from my Mom; it’s in the details.