Long Lasting Love

This week I was dining with husband and wife friends in their lovely home.  I marvelled at the feast they put before me – fine wine, fine food, fine friends.

But what caught my eye was their love for one another, quietly and effortlessly.  Their exchanges had the comfort of knowing one another for 30+ years.

As we were finishing dinner, I asked them, “Tell me, what is the secret ingredient for such a loving relationship?”  They smiled and laughed.  I pressed further, trying to coax and cajole an answer from them.  They continued to smile and laugh.

Stumped, I rolled my eyes upward and caught their “secret” on display. I saw three words hung above their patio door and then I laughed with them!


3 Responses to “Long Lasting Love”

  1. Teresa Zhang says:

    Ah! I like it, so TRUE!

  2. Sophia says:

    so true…very profound message!

  3. Jean says:

    So kind to share your thoughts! Thank you both!

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