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Speed Dating

Monday, September 30th, 2013

In yesterday’s New York Times magazine, I stumbled upon an article about how speed dating was started by Rabbi Yaacov Dyo in Beverly Hills in 1998. He trademarked “Speed-Dating” but couldn’t patent it as the trend got out of control.

Evan Marc Katz, a dating coach since 2003, says technology allows us access but “we treat people as disposable.” You might give a person a chance because you have met them in person speed-dating while online you might click past them. It’s a numbers game indeed. So at the end of the day, speed-dating is another tool in the tool kit for our clients!

From Toronto to Right “Out of Africa”

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

In 1926, if only Baroness Karen von Blixen/Isak Dinesen, the famous Danish author of “Out of Africa” had a Blackberry, she would have been spared the endless yearning for Denys Finch Hatton, her English big game hunter while he was away on safari.

Well, I have to admit I had stolen a scene right out of the Baroness’ book this weekend. After chatting with my squash-mate at the pub, I discovered he was from Lusaka (Zambia) where I had fallen in love 25 years ago with One Lost Love. Within moments, we confirmed that he not only knew One Lost Love but also called him “Uncle”!

Gob-smacked, I grabbed my Blackberry and pinged One LL. It was morning there, a 6 hour time difference. We laughed at our good fortune and marvelled at how fate (and a little bit of Blackberry magic) had suddenly brought us back to a place and time over 25 years ago.

How could this possibly have happened? After a few drinks, the answer became clear. It had nothing to do with the power of love because ours was a lost love but it had to do with the power of our love for squash. Seriously, One LL had a squash court at home.

So as I walked home that evening, I thought of Baroness von Blixen who wrote:
“To be lonely is a state of mind, something completely other than physical solitude; when modern authors rant about the soul’s intolerable loneliness, it is only proof of their own intolerable emptiness.” – Out of Africa, 1937


“Life is short, art is long.”

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Agapanthus Monet 1914-26

I recently noticed Claude Monet’s quote on my iTouch when I was at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC late September.

Around the same time, I read Elaine Sciolino’s article in the NYT’s Style Magazine about “Lumiere – The Louvre Less Traveled”. And I nodded in agreement that there was more to the Louvre than the 3 most popular visited works of Mona, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, and Venus de Milo.

She wrote “What about Michelangelo’s two marble nude Slaves…? The Dying Slave is beautiful, smooth-skinned, and young…; he seems to be in a deep slumber rather than on the verge of death. The Rebellious Slave is heavier, rougher, and tormented. They exude such raw eroticism, you feel as if you should turn away.”

She’s absolutely right as I managed to capture the two slaves in the Spring!

The Dying Slave-Michelangelo

The Rebellious Slave-Michelangelo


Deemed Essential Reading….in 1740!

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

This rare book which is entitled “The Lady’s Companion: or, an Infallible Guide to the Fair Sex” is one of the first self-help books in Britain. Their target audience? They claim “virgins, wives, or widows”. According to The Daily Telegraph, this book was written “to help women resist life’s temptations” and will be auctioned off this month!

Here are a few “pearls of wisdom” to ponder:

a. She that listens to wanton discourse has violated her ears.
b. An old maid is now thought a curse.
c. And my favourite which left me speechless – Do not look lusty men in the eye, because “one careless glance gives more advantage than a hundred words.”

Going once, going twice…..I’ll stick to modern-day Roy Lichtenstein’s advice!


Angel Mine

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Hank Williams’, the “Monumental Musician’s” soon-to-be released lyrics as “The Lost Notebooks” October 4, 2011 on Bob Dylan’s label, “Egyptian Records”, wrote on January 5, 1951:

“God must have know that I was lonely
and no contentment could I find
for one day right out of heaven
he sent me you, Angel mine.
Now my heart always singing
a song of love as divine
It will end again the sorrow
since I’ve found you, Angel mine.
I could never tell the world dear
of your love so true and kind
and how thankful I am for you
you are my life, Angel mine.
I just want to live and love you
I’ll always be your clinging vine
for there could never be another
as sweet as you, Angel mine.”

and about “The Love That Faded”:
“Vows that we made turned into lies/My life is empty, my lonely heart cries”

DWOs – When Hope Is All There Is

Friday, July 29th, 2011

“Dating While Olders” say that when it comes down to dating hope is all there is. Check The Chicago Tribune,0,3377918.story
where experts say DWOs are in a far better position than those in their 20’s.

Post 30’s dating has definite benefits. Says biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, “DWOs have a better sense of yourself and what you want…, attracting people who are more interested in you…, less likely to be looking for love in all the wrong places.”

Increase the odds by meeting through mutual friends, on-line dating, or doing something interesting – wine-tasting, photography, or music. It’s the numbers game. “Ask yourself where a man who is settled in life might go,” advises Whitney Case, author of “The Man Plan” and simply go there. Why not? Makes good sense. It’s where the boyz are!

From First Date to Wedding Date

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Last week I was wondering if THE calendar date of the all-important First Date with THE One had lost its meaning. Keeping track of dates in this age of speed-dating, both on- and off-line, and which one is actually THE One would be quite challenging.

But a link to a blog from my dear friends who have been together for a very long time answered my question. It was their Wedding Blog titled “S and P Got Hitched” which documented their trip to City Hall to declare their love! And the date they got hitched? Yup, it was THE date they went out on their First Date…..9 years ago!

S and P, wishing you a lifetime of happiness and joy and may you celebrate this special anniversary for many more years to come!

Squash Survey Says…

Monday, February 28th, 2011

The “Women Who Squash” at the Dunfield Annual Squash Tournament this weekend kindly volunteered their dating preferences.

1.  On dating a person 10 years younger, it was an almost 50/50 split.  One would consider 5 years but not 10 years younger and another emphatically commented “in a heart beat!”  I would definitely agree with the latter.

2.  1/3 of the gals surveyed have posted on-line dating profiles (way to go!)

3.  20% do use Twitter.

Check in on Love Story #9 “Is the Sky the Limit?”, part of our series, “Top 10 Loves Stories- Countdown to V-Day 2011”, to get the low down on inner and outer age when it comes to romance.

“Love is in the Air”

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Actually “No Loves Lost” was on air Tuesday August 3rd  early morning!

Meeting Matt Galloway, CBC’s Radio Metro Morning smart and savvy host, was delightful!  A huge and heartfelt “thank you” to Matt and his terrific CBC team for this great opportunity to reach our audience.

Listen in on how our ghostwriting profiles can help you succeed in your search for romance and love in the single cyber-verse!  Let us know what you think!  Our interview is about half way through the following link –

Inscription on the Huge Stone Arch

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Heaven and Earth

“Enduring as heaven and earth – no love however ancient can ever die;

Timeless as light and shadow – no debt of breeze and moonlight can ever be repaid.”

– Tsao Hsueh Chin – From “The Dream of The Red Chamber”