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Love In The Fast Lane

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Love seems ever elusive these days when suddenly,  I received a text from my 17 year old niece! As a young adult, she’s coming for her first visit to check out the university to craft her future.

I’m told we have only 3 hours together!  Arghhhh….it’s that same sinking feeling, being caught in a fire and having to choose what to take in a split second.  What to pick? Where to go?  How to plan?  What to do? Squeezing a lifetime into 3 hours? IMPOSSIBLE!  My mind shatters into a million pieces.  My heart hurts. Panic sets in.  Pressure’s on. Words tumble out so fast, nothing makes sense. This is love.

Like rally car drivers in a race against time, we have a strategy, sort of…play it by ear.  First, meet for lunch at Fresh, except she’s not into vegan, ooops, saved by the yummy bowl of sweet potato fries (whew!) and a goji-berry concoction,Lunch_at_Fresh

hop into car, choose a route, Rosedale Valley Road, blooming with fall colours, hop out of the car to admire Evergreen Brickworks,


jump back in car, and then out again for tea and chocolate desserts at Rahier,


in the car and out again to visit my flat and its breathtaking views,

My balcony

and all the while, dreading the end, delivering her back to her father.

Now we’re standing at the threshold of her grandma’s house so we hug.  We hug again, a little tighter this time.  My heartstrings tug, actually, yank.  It hurts to let her go.  She’s strong, no, she’s stalwart, thank goodness.  She reassures me that Christmas is just around the corner.

To know love is to feel love. There’s nothing in life that compares, so exquisite, so rare, so elusive….and off she goes and here I’ll stay … in love once more.



A Like Life Introspective

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Whatever happened to good ol’ fashion “like”?  It’s an odd phenomena when Single Person strikes up a conversation with  Total Stranger.  The countdown silently begins 10, 9 ,8 ….when Total Stranger hurriedly, awkwardly, injects this phrase: “My wife (girlfriend, partner, etc etc) and I ….”

Just saying ……takes mere seconds…

Can  Single Person engage in a conversation with a Total Stranger before Total Stranger’s brain is saying “uh oh, my wife/girlfriend is going to be upset with me talking to another woman so I better let them know I’m taken”?  Who has had this experience? Deja vu?

What ever happened to “like”?  Why not a like life (vs a love life), as in Lorrie Moore’s collection of short and snappy stories, “Like Life”?  Friends?  What a concept.