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Speed Dating

Monday, September 30th, 2013

In yesterday’s New York Times magazine, I stumbled upon an article about how speed dating was started by Rabbi Yaacov Dyo in Beverly Hills in 1998. He trademarked “Speed-Dating” but couldn’t patent it as the trend got out of control.

Evan Marc Katz, a dating coach since 2003, says technology allows us access but “we treat people as disposable.” You might give a person a chance because you have met them in person speed-dating while online you might click past them. It’s a numbers game indeed. So at the end of the day, speed-dating is another tool in the tool kit for our clients!

“How to Learn Anything…fast”

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Author Josh Kaufman, also of “the personal MBA” writes it takes 20 hours to acquire a new skill. He lists yoga poses, software programming, playing the ukele but what about love? Learning to love? Love at first sight? Proficient at love, a PhD?

We watched a young couple wed this weekend and discussed at great length what were the odds of them staying together. Having watched a documentary on marriage and diversity, my friend is a firm believer that arranged marriages are the way to go. Here lies complete, total, and utter blind faith in parents putting two together in high hopes of a happy union. Shared culture, similar values, does this increase the probability of long wedded bliss? The romantic in me argues sometimes all it takes is that spark which ignites hope, a glance that sets off a wildfire of romance – when everything aligns in a microsecond.

However, learning to love is a lifelong lesson in courage, kindness, and compassion. Like a tsunami, love swells, recedes, and implodes. Witness those in love, like our newlyweds. They’re riding the crest of love! Who are we to say you need to earn a PhD to love? “Love is all they need!”