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Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Love Is In The Air

Flinging their bags into the plane’s overhead compartments, they exchange their first of many furtive glances. She notes his female companion. He notes her!

On his 4th trip to the washroom at the back, he finds himself trapped behind the drinks cart. She keeps one eye on her iPad and the other on his return but after a few moments, wonders where could he possibly have gone?

She gets up, walks towards the back, and there they were, in the company of the flight attendants, grinning across the Diet Cokes and Mott’s Clamato.

They settle in for their short island hop. He nods off with his head resting on his companion’s shoulder. She continues to tap tap tap on her iPad.

Stuck at the baggage carousel, his companion spies Her, nudges Him, and whispers, “There she is. Go on, she’s The One!” He walks over, shyly but smiling broadly, and offers a hand with her luggage. He then introduces himself and his sister to Her. They both exclaim now at the restaurant last night in the company of friends, “The rest is history! Love was in the air…and now on the ground!”

Love Lights Up!