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It had to be YOU!*

Monday, September 19th, 2011

When is a date not a date? An ongoing debate with Mr. Hahaha who claimed our first and only face-to-face encounter of the funniest kind was exactly that – a date?

The conversation flowed as did the drinks, well, only two really, 1 being a latte. We laughed ourselves silly for a few hours and said very little about our work, a good sign.

As we headed home, he stopped me in my tracks with, “Seriously, this was fun, a great date!” So I had to set the record straight, “This was not a date. This was a meeting, since we met on-line. A date is when you ask me out.”

Alas, timing was everything. Our first date kept getting pushed back when suddenly last weekend while I was away, someone else he had been “seeing” took all his dates and he dumped me before our first date (to which my gal pals loyally corrected – you were not dumped!”

Although I snoozed, I didn’t lose. He bowed out ever so gracefully, politely, and respectfully by sending me a text and e-mail which told me the lay of the land, a big step from Mr. Rude Dude. He actually restored my faith in Man-kind. but it had to him…Mr. Hahaha.

*Song written by Isham Jones, lyrics by Gus Kahn, 1924.