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To Sir …. With Love

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Ever wonder what happened to the days when the Post Office was tagged with the huge responsibility to deliver letters to your faraway love (and of course, vice versa)?

One ritual I had while living in Africa was to resist opening my love letters until night fell. Then it would be the perfect time to pour myself a glass of red wine before I would rip them open quickly and then slowly read and savour each and every word, one by one.

Now we no longer have the luxury of time. Rapid replies to our lover’s e-mails, texts, pins and pings don’t quite hold the same meaning as they once had on paper. We hit “delete” far too quickly, far too often as we toss our relationships into the icon that says “Recycle Bin”.

Ah…our affinity with paper…love letters remain hidden in their respective envelopes, one piled on top of the other, neatly bound by a single ribbon (always a ribbon). Then one rainy day the ribbon is untied and those memories once safely stashed away would be released. And the past becomes the present…once again.

My Many Married Men

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Every single woman knows what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, you, Ms. Other Half. No need to be alarmed. We don’t want your man. We know he’s off limits but he’s our pal, our Dr. Phil, our Mr. IT Department.

As Kevin O’Leary refers to his business sidekick on CBC, “Amanda Lang, she’s my TV Wife” on their program “The Lang-O’Leary Exchange”. So our Married Man is our “TV hubby”. We share mocha frapps, Strongbows, and … yup, believe it or not, even recipes. But he goes home to cook for you, Ms. OH!

Our TV hubby is a great sounding board for relationship advice. We ask him questions about our latest and not-so-greatest boyfriends like:
“What WAS he thinking when he ___fill-in-the-blank___?”,
“How could he ___fill-in-the-blank___?”,
“Have you ever ___fill-in-the-blank___?”

We need to understand our target audience, MEN! And who knows best? Your man. So Ms. OH, rest assured our Married Men may be many but your Married Men should only number one and he’s all yours! Thanks for your vote of trust and confidence, Ms. OH, because life wouldn’t be the same without our Many Married Men.