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Starry Starry Night

Friday, December 17th, 2010

What type of accommodation do you prefer – 5 star or 5,000 star?   You’ll need to know the answer if you’re going on this uber romantic date.

Sharpen your ice axes and don your crampons for winter camping on Diamond Lake.  The view, I’m told, is brilliant with the promise of a 5,000 star-scape and eggs benny in the morning.  What’s not to like?  

But one thing for sure, I’ll be packing my fav pillow and  my very own sleeping bag built for two.

Now that’s what I call 5 star accommodation under a starry, starry night, the best of both worlds!  

What Happens To Two Too Shy Guys?

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

For Two Too Shy Guys

One Shy Guy met the love of his life 42 years ago.  Life as a sailor for the British navy took him around the world several times and yet, he could not forget her.  Each time he would return home, he agonized but remained too shy to ask her out until finally after three years, she asked him out to the opera.  Lucky for him she also could not forget.

In Indonesia, another Shy Guy met his love in high school.  Whenever she approached him, he would run the other way.  Five years later, they both landed in the same university but in Canada!  But this time he ran right into her!

Neither oceans nor time could keep them apart…love unstoppable!

The Business of Love

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

I had to shake my head after listening to Smart Gal Pal dish on On-line Lawyer Lad! 

After a quick drink at a resto, he invited her to go outside and glanced at his watch.  “Am done here” , he said and fled.  Moments later, her BlackBerry buzzed.  His text – “Am exploring other options.”  

Reject or be rejected, on-line dating can be a cold, hard virtual reality. So Smart Gal Pal ditched Lawyer Lad for Movie Man who cast her in a leading role!

Is love strictly business? Smart Gal Pal says, “For this Lawyer Lad, most definitely”, as she shredded his invoice and headed for the cinema.