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You had me at … hello?

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

I’m often asked by clients how can they stand out in a sea of on-line singles. Marketing common sense says it’s definitely not by writing the “same old, same old”.

A few opening lines from Single Seekers that would flat line a first encounter:
“Hi.” (Original? Sigh! NEXT…)
“How ru?”  (You can text but can you spell? NEXT …)
“What are you doing tonight?” (I’m reading your question. NEXT …)
Then along came “Hello Kitty” (My profile says I’m currently studying Japanese. Ko-ni-chi-wa!)

If you’re interested in someone and you’ve read their profile, then write something clever and engaging.  I guarantee you won’t get lost in translation nor end up not knowing “why they say good-bye when you say hello.”

Love is Like a Latte – A Tall Order

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Can’t help but note that ordering a tall non-fat latte with no foam is like ordering a tall non-fat lad with no fuss!

Gal Pal rhymes off what she is looking for in a man.  At times, she apologizes for being so blunt but in the same breath, asks if her “order” is typical.

I reassure her that those “must haves” are what most women want, namely:

  • Educated Ivy-league, not intelligent nerdy brainiac
  • Financially sound and secure, not struggling to find himself
  • Active and fit, not a couch potato with love handles

What is amusing is how one can “order” a Latte AND Love with such precision and pageantry –  both “tall” ….. both “non-fat”…. and both “extra hot”!

For the love of Mike…and Tom, Dick, and Harry…..

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Often I hear, “There are NO men in this City.  All the good ones are gone – married, living with Someone, The One, No One, More than One, sheesh!”  The Singles, frustrated and frazzled, remark, “There are more women than men.  Only women attend singles’ events. And then the men who do….., for the love of Mike, I’m outta here!”

Sound familiar?  But where are they?  Try sporting events, watching  Toronto FC, Rock, the Blue Jays, Argos, Raptors, and (shudder) the Leafs or the Apple, Sony, and computer stores as they can’t live without their gadgets.  They huddle and talk about the latest stock tips, the greatest music, the best deal in (fill in the blank).  Several are on-line – blogs, forums, FB, Twitter, and of course, dating sites.

Or last week, I met a few good men on my flight back, dangling from the rock wall, and of course, waiting for my non-fat latte at the ubiquitous Starbucks!

So while some say, “Impossible!”  I grin and say, “Incroyable!”