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He loves me, he loves me …

Monday, May 31st, 2010

It’s Friday noon and my BlackBerry buzzes.  I glance and Mr. Past Love pops up on my screen.  I squint.  I stop in my tracks. 

It’s been months.  I had to count them – four, I suppose.

His e-mail – two lines – incroyable!  I had to count them, too.

“I’ll be in town this weekend.  If you’re around on Sunday, let’s go rock-climbing.”

What does he mean?  Hmmm….I did the usual consult-a-rounds.

“You can’t!”, “You won’t!”, “You, alright?”, my lifelong BFF’s ping.

I let his e-mail simmer in the back of my mind for the rest of the day.  At mid-night, I decide.  No, not going to see him and reply, “Nice to hear from you.  Weekend jam-packed.  When are you leaving?”

His answer – one line – “Monday a. m.”

Sadly, he loves me not … but gladly, I have no lines left, save for “Have a nice flight!” as he remains Mr. Past Love.

Gone Fishing … For Romance

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Can you hold a spatula to this Gourmet Shop Gal’s creative culinary concoctions?

A stylish gourmet, I whirl around the world, sampling the latest and greatest in fine foods and wines.  You would impress if you can discern Artisan over Kraft, pair Barolo with pasta, and choose Carpaccio over Spam AND be able to discuss the finer points in at least five different languages.

You are a spontaneous Gastro-Enthusiast, at least 5’8″, smart, and fit with a sense of style as well as a sense of humour.  Send me a line so I won’t need to fish any longer.

Copyright 2010

A Kiss is Just A Kiss…or is it?

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

I still remember meeting Monsieur Mystere at the Bistro – he, already sitting with wine in hand and me, dishevelled (and late), arriving with apologies in abundance.

He orders champagne, mais oui!  We share amusing anecdotes and a small plate of pate.  I smile and wonder….

Now it’s time to say “au revoir”,  we are at the street corner.  He faces me, puts his hand on the back of my neck.   He pulls me gently towards him and kisses me lightly.

I feel dizzy.  Is it Paris?  Is it the champagne?  Or could it be …. Monsieur Mystere?

I sigh, thinking, “This is just a sigh but THAT kiss…that kiss is NOT just a kiss!”

Spring brings love and kisses!

Lost in Translation – The Letter of the Law

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Mr. Legal Lovelorn writes, “Enjoyed your profile.  Read mine and let me know if you think there might be something there.”

I look “there” and see a fairly clean cut fellow who writes concisely, is recently separated, and loves music.

So I suggest we meet as THERE could be something “there”.

Not so fast, Mr. Legal Lovelorn emails.  He has THREE concerns:

1.  He’s only 5′ 11″.  I asked for at least 6′.  OMG, he’s worried about 1″?  He’s kidding, right?

2.  He has 2 sons over age 20.  I checked off “does not want children.”  Are they still “children”?

3.  I wrote, “Am attracted to business start-ups.” He says he’s not one.  Seriously, who would personify that statement?”

Clearly Mr. Legal Lovelorn reads an “i” for an “i” and a word for a word.  We need to hire a translator.  But I decide to ignore this letter of the law (again!).  But what I will do is take another stab at my profile for fear of being lost in translation and much more importantly, being lost in love!

Sink or Swim?

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Opening On-Line – Mr. Marina Man: You sound like fun.

Me:  Read my profile – “fun, flirty, AND feisty.”

Phone call # 1:  I am amused.

Phone call # 2:  He wants to meet.

SMS #10:  He reneges on lunch. “Baby, I feel awfl, w make it up 2u, I prmis.”

One week later, midnight – Phone call # 3:   He exclaims,  “I’m in town!  What are you doing?”

Parting phone-line – Me (thinking – what does Mr. Marina Man mean?): “This can’t possibly be…..a boat-y call?”

Chivalry @ The Grill

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

It’s Friday night at Nella Cucina and Vanessa from gather “The Supper Club Singles” around a big bowl of shiny, slippery squid bits.

Before Grill

The Singles look at one another…who dares to take these tender tentacles over to the grill? 





   “I’ll do it!” exclaims Mr. Gallant, eager to show off his cooking prowess! 

After Grill - Calamari with Pineapple Salsa

The Gourmet Gals concur. “Chivalry @ The Grill is not dead after all!  And “The Supper Club Singles” ate happily ever after!

Cooking Singles In Action

Some Sumos are sexy, some…

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Sumos are shy, painfully shy.

Mr. Shy Sumo sat across from me at an uptown diner resto,  laughing nervously while I explained how I had travelled several continents to arrive in Toronto to order my Eggs Benny.

It all seemed a bit odd to him.  After all,  his route was more direct, having only to get on the QEW to lead him to his eggs over easy.

We searched for common ground but came up lost and empty-handed. 

Our server smiled, “More coffee?”  We sighed in unison, “No, thanks!”

Thankfully I didn’t need to wrestle him for the bill.  Outside he crushed, I mean….shook my hand and we agreed.

Our stars would not have aligned except for brunch that Sunday morning at “Mars”. 

Do you believe there is “The One” for Everyone?

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

A surprising 20% of women squashers, women skiers, and women chefs surveyed last week  answered (and many emphatically), “NO”! 

Are there any clues hidden in the magnetic poetry?

North Toronto Ski Club Summer Expo - Boston Pizza - April 29/10