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“Magnetic Poetry” – Creating the Language of Love

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

At their April annual “Fun In The Sun” event, The High Park Ski Club wondered what they would whisper in your ear! 

As they hummed and hah-ed, here are samples of what they wanted – both naughty and nice!

The Meeting Place and The Moment of Truth

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Time to check out Mr. Look See #7 and meet for coffee.  By now the neighbourhood barista not only has your tall, non-fat, extra hot, no whip latte already in hand but he also gives you that knowing nod.  He casts a glance upward as he has lost count……is this Mr. Look See #6, #7, or is it #8?

A welcome change from the requisite coffee shops would be a nice bistro, pub, or lounge for a quiet drink and conversation.  You could do without screaming “I have only been divorced 3 times!” over those roaring coffee grinders.     

But regardless of locale, that moment of truth always arrive.  You walk in, look around. Hmmm…could that be him?  He gets up and in those first fleeting moments, you blink and wonder, “OMG, where am I going to meet Mr. Look See #8?”



Long Distance Love

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

He was smitten, she was exhausted.  It was 2007.  She ran her first marathon.  He was at the finish line.  Then six months later, it was his turn to run – back home to work in Japan.  They were on Skype, on the phone, on e-mail, and on flights for three years but technology kept their love alive.

Another love story across continents – he lived in Australia, she lived in Canada via China and France.  His Canadian aunt and also her best friend was vacationing Down Under.  A quick phone introduction  and several calls and e-mails later led to their first meeting in Paris and love.

Love virtually, love truly, love always!