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The Greater Good

Friday, December 30th, 2016

The end is near.  2016 – over and OUT! It cannot come soon enough. As Mom predicted, this Year of the Monkey was indeed light on good karma and at times, filled with shock and awe, even terror. Trump terror.

Where was the love?

I decided to dig deep. Here’s the good, the bad, and the greater good for December 2016:

The Greater Good

The Apology – Inspiration, admiration, motivation from Ms. Tiffany Hsiung, a star film maker in the making.

The Chris Haas Story – Pride, validation, admiration of a job well done by my client who started his journey with uncertainty and trepidation. He created a perfect gift out of his gift of good intention.

Rickshaw Bar  – Creativity, curiosity, crafted by talented Chef Noureen.  We’ve been to the same destinations near (Toronto & Chicago) and far (Dar Es Salaam, Nairobi).  I started when I was 28.  She is 28!  Lucky Chef Noureen!

The Good

Collateral Beauty – Storytelling, grief, pain pre-screened in VIP seats with complimentary appetizers, popcorn, and booze with my bosom buddies courtesy of CFCcreates complete with tissues for tears!

Flamenco -Style, stamina, sweat on stage where art, movement, and passion merge and showed aging can be beautiful, sometimes more than youth.

Non-Gig – Instinct, trust, belief – drawn from the past and this time, knowing what I don’t know.  When values just don’t align, no matter how you cut it, so you sigh and walk away. quickly. confidently.

Learning – Ask, probe, ponder but ask good questions to the right people at the right time.  Just ask, easy but hard.

Playing – Squash camaraderie, at times, competitiveness with comedy, and being injury-free after 4 long years…other than aging.

EatingLa Tazza Cafe, cheap and cheerful, heaping plates of chicken curry, chicken roti, butter chicken – lunch for 2 under $20 shared with my Toronto Bro, one of my fav people.  Playa Cabana, celebrating my Toronto Sistah’s 60th birthday, mixing Mex with mirth!  Barque, its bite(s) is better than its bark for an early Christmas dinner celebration with my techie best friends with ribs, brisket, pulled pork, wings … mountains of meat!

The Bad

Travelling – By air this holiday season, delay upon delay, sandwiched helplessly for 4 hours, anxious about my carry-on full of gifts (which fits fine on any airline anywhere in the world EXCEPT for Air Canada) because ol’ Hawk Eyes at the gate wrestled it out of my hands and tagged it for cargo but will it reach Calgary?, not to mention the added wait at the carousel AND then we have snow, lots and lots of snow, day and night, night and day.

I’m ready to ring in the new year and the Year of The Rooster!

Latest Update: Air Canada made good with goodwill gesture of 20% discount on base fare. Thank you for listening and Happy New Year to you, Air Canada! Oh, and yes, my carry-on in cargo made it to Calgary…in time for Christmas.




Above Par…When it really counts!

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

A Sporting Profile excerpt:

“Are you the Bogey Man or do you tee it up right the first time? I’m looking for a fit, fun, and fabulous guy, age 35 to 45, who is not below but above par…unless you are a “Tiger”. Then we can talk! In for the whole 18 rounds aka a long term relationship, let’s start with the front 9 first.

Off the fairways, we’re on the squash court! Do you stand at least 6′ tall without your court shoes on? Do you boast? If yes, occasionally is a good tactic. Do you drop? If it nicks, you’re a winner! But can you match my drive? Racquet ready? Game on? Let’s go!”

From Toronto to Right “Out of Africa”

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

In 1926, if only Baroness Karen von Blixen/Isak Dinesen, the famous Danish author of “Out of Africa” had a Blackberry, she would have been spared the endless yearning for Denys Finch Hatton, her English big game hunter while he was away on safari.

Well, I have to admit I had stolen a scene right out of the Baroness’ book this weekend. After chatting with my squash-mate at the pub, I discovered he was from Lusaka (Zambia) where I had fallen in love 25 years ago with One Lost Love. Within moments, we confirmed that he not only knew One Lost Love but also called him “Uncle”!

Gob-smacked, I grabbed my Blackberry and pinged One LL. It was morning there, a 6 hour time difference. We laughed at our good fortune and marvelled at how fate (and a little bit of Blackberry magic) had suddenly brought us back to a place and time over 25 years ago.

How could this possibly have happened? After a few drinks, the answer became clear. It had nothing to do with the power of love because ours was a lost love but it had to do with the power of our love for squash. Seriously, One LL had a squash court at home.

So as I walked home that evening, I thought of Baroness von Blixen who wrote:
“To be lonely is a state of mind, something completely other than physical solitude; when modern authors rant about the soul’s intolerable loneliness, it is only proof of their own intolerable emptiness.” – Out of Africa, 1937


To YYZ With Love

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Long distance love? Absence? Not likely after chatting with our Men In Squash a.k.a. MIS. They have never heard of the age-old adage – “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” In particular, the MIS from Down Under – they prefer to stay close to their YYZ loves.

Boarding passes for many MIS read:
Dep SYD Arr YYZ Sydney/Toronto
Dep BNE Arr YYZ Brisbane/Toronto
Dep CBR Arr YYZ Canberra/Toronto

And from another corner of the world, a love-struck squasher from JNB (Jo’burg) arrived in YYZ to be with The One. Sadly, they became a distant Two. But happily, he now met and will be wed to a new One!

Not to be forgotten are the Ladies who Love. From CDG, MOW, and NRT (Paris, Moscow, Tokyo), some remain in YYZ, others have flown but ALL in the name of love.

So is Love the real RTW (Round The World) ticket to happiness? Quantas might be the airline with the answer!