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My Broken Life & My Beautiful Life

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

2016 is supposed to be my year, Monkey Year, indeed Fire Monkey Year.  Never again will this cycle pass.  My Mom advises my siblings and me to lay low, really low.  “Safety first” she says, nodding knowingly.

So my year  has become a “How To” kind of year.

How to package yourself and  “Stand Out” @DorieClark

How to crack “The Code of An Extraordinary Mind” @VishenLakhiani

How to clean up and “Spark Joy” Marie KondoHow To's

How to be more agile, both in mind and body “Stretching” @SuzanneMartin

How to code for age 9+ ummm yep, count me in “How To Code in 10 Easy Lessons” @SeanMcManus

How to manage money knowing “When to Say Yes and How to Say No” in “Money Talks” @GailVaz-Oxlade

even How to Learn Anything maybe I should have read this one first?! “The First 20 Hours @JoshKaufman

This week I swept the books aside and decided to write or should I say blog about #mybeautifullife.  It should be easy.  Beauty is everywhere.  Armed with a healthy dose of gratitude to have and to appreciate a beautiful life, I think I needed to reflect on #mybrokenlife.  I say, “A life well broken is a life well spoken.”  Now is the time to share why life is beautiful.  My blog won’t be a “how to” .  Mine will be as a gift, beautiful and simple, for my reader (readers maybe).  After all, isn’t this the age of sharing?

Let’s start.  Life is not just one crossroad but a messy tangle of many crossroads.  I can still re-live all the anguish and anxiety that each crossroad brings. But believe it or not, if you look down both roads, you will see it doesn’t really matter which one you choose,  life will be beautiful.  Life IS beautiful. Oh, how often I have reminded myself that ageing is a privilege!

This morning amidst the endless and ruthless construction noise beneath my balcony, I was leafing through the latest @Travel&Leisure borrowed from my local library (@GailVaz-Oxlade take note) trying to counter the constant tap tap tap of the carpenter below with stunning images of #thebestofthebest – this month, #TheCitiesIssue Memories begin to flow, rather flood my mind and take me back to my beloved #Kyoto #Boston #Singapore #Copenhagen

My Beautiful Life

My Beautiful Life


Travel is #mybeautifullife .  I work, save, and live for travel.  Some collect stuff, objects, things.  I like to collect experiences, memories, lessons learned. #mybeautifullife is what I choose.  What is #yourbeautifullife ?