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He Held The Door Open, In Walked Love – Love Story #4

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

With a whopping total of 111 years of wedded bliss, albeit not to one another, what are the odds that they will have many more together? After chatting with them, I would bet the entire farm!

He was a character, a distinguished gentleman, an actor. He said he found her hitch-hiking on his way to the party. She was seated next to him, splendidly attired, perfectly coiffed, radiant actually, with a warm, sunny smile. I was intrigued.

“So how did you really meet? Friends? Playing bridge? On-line dating perhaps?”

He chuckled, “On-line dating? Who has time for that? I just picked up the phone and invited her out to dinner!”

They had gone to the same high school, happily married (she 54 years, he 57 years), then widowed, and recently reconnected by a good friend.

She pulled me aside and whispered, “That first dinner…he held the door open for me. Well, that did it!”

They shone in each other’s presence. Such a privilege to have met them.
Here was love lost… and love found, unmatched by any algorithm in today’s digital world.

Love is Such a Small Word

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

But in New York City, Love is even larger than Life!

Definitely I have been having a long love affair with NYC since the early 90’s. Making the mad scramble to MOMA, walking The High Line for hours, going for my morning run in Central Park, NYC has a heartbeat like no other. You can find L-O-V-E in all shapes and sizes, big or small!

A Flight of Fancy – Love Story #3

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Seated, iPad in hand, Ms. Globetrotter waits with trepredation for her next flight. As on other dates, she is wary and cautious.

But this time, it might be different. After all, there was THAT connection when they met and chatted all evening at their friends’ BBQ just before she left. After all, he was willing to buy her airfare to make good on a movie date. After all, he has been texting every day since they have been apart.

Hoping against hope, she thinks he might be The One. Until finally she lands and she sees him before he sees her. And asks herself, why not?

The “Kind” That Binds – Love (almost lost) Story#2

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

When asked, clients tell me that their Top 3 “Must Haves” while looking for love are: funny, smart, and stable financially (and otherwise!).

Personally I would swap out one for “kind”, you know, the type that blinds and binds even when you walk away. So alluring and so seductive when you meet someone who walks the talk, unafraid to commit to humankind, modest when recounting the joy in helping others.

Endearing, touching, selfless, it’s rare to find this “kind”. But when you do, it hits you between the eyes… and like chocolate, craving more. Life IS like a box of chocolates, Forest! I’ll take two boxes, please.

Courmeyer Italian Chocolates

Wearing Your heart on Your Sleeve – Love Story #1 of 10

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

This week my fine dining-mate showed up in his wedding duds. These weren’t your ordinary tails and tie combo. His garb is actually a love story that spoke volumes on his shirt, vest, and jacket!

His left cuff displayed their nicknames “Honey” and “Bunny” and on his right cuff their wedding day and date. Take a peek at a panel on his vest and you will find a swatch of his grandmother’s wedding dress!

Thank you, my friend, for inspiring love. Yours is a grand love story that I know will be continued for many generations.