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My Main Matryoshka Moment

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

As a design paradigm, the nested Russian doll principle, can also be applied to romance.
Matryoshkas, their proper name, are used metaphorically to describe a recognizable relationship of “object-within-similar-object”, like nesting tables, kitchen canisters, measuring spoons, etc.

One evening after dinner, Mr. Savant Man and I were homeward-bound in a cab. The rain kept pouring all around us as we made our way uptown. I thought what a perfectly romantic setting if only….

Wait, what was he saying? “THE MOST romantic moment in my life was blah blah blah!” As if on cue, he decided to fill in the blank “if only ….. I was with someone else.”

My Main Matryoshka Moment was HIS romantic moment nestled in what was supposed to be OUR romantic moment. HUH?

I thought should I top his most romantic moment? Where would this end? What will we find at the core? The tiniest Matryoshka or the one true love of our lives? Or maybe love ad infinitium …

ad infinitum