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My wife, my girlfriend, my partner … my oh my

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Any singles out there experience the same unusual phenomena?

You’re at an event, a meeting, or a party, having a nice conversation with a man you’ve just met. Somehow, out of left field, he drops the phrase, “My wife and I” or “My girlfriend and I”. Huh?

Does he think …? My oh my, he thinks you think he’s available! Is this the male brain? Did he even hear what I was saying? So you walk away, shaking your head. Maybe Billie Crystal was right to ask in “When Harry met Sally”. Can men and women just be friends?

He Held The Door Open, In Walked Love – Love Story #4

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

With a whopping total of 111 years of wedded bliss, albeit not to one another, what are the odds that they will have many more together? After chatting with them, I would bet the entire farm!

He was a character, a distinguished gentleman, an actor. He said he found her hitch-hiking on his way to the party. She was seated next to him, splendidly attired, perfectly coiffed, radiant actually, with a warm, sunny smile. I was intrigued.

“So how did you really meet? Friends? Playing bridge? On-line dating perhaps?”

He chuckled, “On-line dating? Who has time for that? I just picked up the phone and invited her out to dinner!”

They had gone to the same high school, happily married (she 54 years, he 57 years), then widowed, and recently reconnected by a good friend.

She pulled me aside and whispered, “That first dinner…he held the door open for me. Well, that did it!”

They shone in each other’s presence. Such a privilege to have met them.
Here was love lost… and love found, unmatched by any algorithm in today’s digital world.