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Love is Such a Small Word

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

But in New York City, Love is even larger than Life!

Definitely I have been having a long love affair with NYC since the early 90’s. Making the mad scramble to MOMA, walking The High Line for hours, going for my morning run in Central Park, NYC has a heartbeat like no other. You can find L-O-V-E in all shapes and sizes, big or small!

A Flight of Fancy – Love Story #3

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Seated, iPad in hand, Ms. Globetrotter waits with trepredation for her next flight. As on other dates, she is wary and cautious.

But this time, it might be different. After all, there was THAT connection when they met and chatted all evening at their friends’ BBQ just before she left. After all, he was willing to buy her airfare to make good on a movie date. After all, he has been texting every day since they have been apart.

Hoping against hope, she thinks he might be The One. Until finally she lands and she sees him before he sees her. And asks herself, why not?