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The World is Flat

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Hi! Do you remember me? was the Linked In message I opened last week.

Google be gone especially when a far-flung fling surfaces after 25 years from the warm heart of Africa to the UK. Indeed “the world is flat” according to Pulitzer Prize-winning NYT columnist and author Thomas L. Friedman once wrote. Times have changed drastically. Our lives are an open secret.

The World is Flat

Keen to make contact, Mr. Far Flung Fling sent a couple of recent pics, a few pounds heavier (ummm….actually 1 lb. for every year passed). So I pondered (a few seconds) and decided to let the past remain in the past and kept my life a little bit lighter and a whole lot simpler.

No love’s lost but sometimes a few loves should remain astray.

Girls Just Wanna …

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

My friends have remarked that recently my favourite opening line has been, “I met a guy.”

So last Sunday “I met a guy”. We circled and photographed this brilliant white art installation “Untitled” by Rachel Whiteread at the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo, New York.

With one eye on our lens and one eye on the installation, however, if we had a third eye, I thought it would have been on one another.

Feeling a bit bold, I approached him, “Who is the artist?” He smiled broadly and welcomed the chance to chat. His eyes lit up as he described Whiteread’s works. He was a fan and he was an architect.

We chatted enthusiastically about art and architecture. I thought how wonderful (and comforting on a rainy dreary day) it was to have stumbled upon someone like him. Then he dropped The Married Man Line which usually starts off with “My wife is/does/lives …..” So now it was my turn to smile.

I wanted to break out into song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-unnn.” Instead we chatted a little longer. Then politely I thanked him for the introduction to the artist and walked away with another opportunity to say to my friends “I met a guy.”