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The Truth Hurts

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

It truly does.

If there’s a price on love, how would you go about it? Is everything “yours, mine, and ours” or would you dump it all under “ours”?

Do you fall in love, all in, head over heels, no turning back, merging lives, merging bank accounts? You believe love is forever eternal, mutual trust, 100%, no questions asked, no doubt, no turning back. “I love you with all my …. assets?” Love will keep us together.

Or do you keep one foot on the dock and one foot in the boat, hedging, anticipating, planning for D(ivorce) Day, maintaining separate bank accounts (maybe trending towards separate beds…just saying), nothing ventured, nothing gained? “Honey, I’m buying us a house but it’s MINE, lock, stock, and barrel. And to make sure what’s mine is mine, MY lawyer just dropped off the papers. JUST SIGN HERE…JUST IN CASE…JUST SAYING…How much is your “love” is worth?

How about a happy medium? There’s a couple I know, 30+ years together, her hand in his, one joint bank account for sharing “household” expenditures. “Isn’t YOUR turn to pay?” Is the price of love worth the cost of dinner for two… “But darling, didn’t we agree that this is a household item? Just saying….where is the love? It could be there. After all….30 years of wrangling must be worth something.

Finally a couple who after many years living together decides to get hitched to shout out their love to the whole wide world…until prospective hubby comes home, clutching a receipt and says, “Your half of the ring is $$$. Will that be VISA or Mastercard?”

Some things are better left unsaid. Just saying…Period. C’est fini! THE END

Love Not Lost? – by My Niece & I

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Then where is the love?

Stop and take a look around.

Open mind, open heart, love at long last….