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The Three Mad Men

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

"Regret is an opportunity not taken!"

Coming into the holiday season, I was thinking about not “The Three Wise Men” but “The Three Mad Men”, not one bearing any resemblance to The Mad Man Magnate, Don Draper but each delirious, delusional and daft in their own right.
Browsing book titles for gift-giving, I noted “Every Time We Say Good-bye” by Jamie Zeppa, as a Xmas gift to “The Three Mad Men”.
Introducing them in the order of appearance:
Mad Man #1 – After a year’s absence, he suggested a lunch date but had yet to receive my reply, showed up at the restaurant but on the wrong day, and left a voicemail wondering where I was?!?
Mad Man #2 – Gone 5 months MIA, out of the blue, he flooded my voicemail with invitations to B,L,D and then finally with tickets to the Prince concert.
Mad Man #3 – Postponed twice in the past two months, he left messages, pleading and begging for understanding and forgiveness. His EX-girlfriend was on her way to see him just as we were about to go for dinner!
Maybe no need to buy the book. Suffice to say to them “every time, (PAUSE) I will “say good-bye!”