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Another Love Found!

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

“I have good news – I have been spending time with one gentleman whom I met on-line.  I want to see where this goes and also I am not inclined to pursue anything else right now so I’ve closed my on-line accounts!  He is lovely, super bright, very independent but also “available” – great qualities and I look forward to learning more about him,” says E. D., Vice-President, Special Projects in advertising – June 23, 2010.

An Orchestral Work of Romantic Possibilities

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

I’m not waiting for the Conductor to give me the downbeat with His baton.

Beyond the orchestra, I am seeking a harmonious relationship with a mature man of intellectual means, a tall man, at least 5′ 10″, age 52 – 62, an educated man of solid stature with the requisite sense of humour. You should know an allegro from an adagio and a scherzo from a sonata-rondo.

Lively, luminous, and light-hearted, I love the outdoors, snow and sea, skiing and swimming, golf and tennis. Indoors, I spend my time at art/photography exhibitions, classical and jazz concerts as well as theatre. I am independent and articulate, open-minded and curious, a free spirit.

So if you are looking for a more meaningful coda, then this is your cue!

To YYZ With Love

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Long distance love? Absence? Not likely after chatting with our Men In Squash a.k.a. MIS. They have never heard of the age-old adage – “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” In particular, the MIS from Down Under – they prefer to stay close to their YYZ loves.

Boarding passes for many MIS read:
Dep SYD Arr YYZ Sydney/Toronto
Dep BNE Arr YYZ Brisbane/Toronto
Dep CBR Arr YYZ Canberra/Toronto

And from another corner of the world, a love-struck squasher from JNB (Jo’burg) arrived in YYZ to be with The One. Sadly, they became a distant Two. But happily, he now met and will be wed to a new One!

Not to be forgotten are the Ladies who Love. From CDG, MOW, and NRT (Paris, Moscow, Tokyo), some remain in YYZ, others have flown but ALL in the name of love.

So is Love the real RTW (Round The World) ticket to happiness? Quantas might be the airline with the answer!

When Virtual meets Reality

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

What not to say:

1.  Don’t talk about illness.  You haven’t got to the part that says “in sickness and in health”…well, not yet.

2.  When the bill arrives, “Your share is ….” and they are out the door.

3.  Suppress the urge to rattle off your resume in the first 10 minutes.   

But do be:

1.  Courteous as you round the corner, catch a glimpse, and discover, oops, not your type. Have the decency to show up and say politely “thanks but no thanks”.

2.  On time.  If you are delayed, text or call and say, “I’m  sorry.”

3.  Yourself.  Who else can you be?

Being straight-forward, sincere, and somewhat sane can be sexy!