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Meeting Mr. Wonderful

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

“With my new profile, I have met someone on-line and he is wonderful!  He is smart, handsome, and kind.  We have been seeing each other for about a month now and just thinking of him makes me smile.”  …. M. M.  Age: 30 something, Toronto

Skiers Bust A Move

Friday, March 19th, 2010

As a warm up for the Utah ski trip this weekend, North Toronto Ski Club (NTSC) skiers took to the dance floor last night at “Philthy McNasty’s”.  The dance experts from “Learn To Dance” joined in with professional hot salsa flair!

During the evening, our skiers swung by to chat.  From on-line dating first-timers to long-timers, each had a spicy tale to tell.  Eyebrow-raising experiences, stories of successful matches made, the snow folks spilled the latest on their search for love.  And when asked, most said “yes” to love at first sight.

Special thanks to Allison and her Special Event Committee.  Have fun on the slopes, NTSC Snow Sophisticates.  Remember to keep your eyes open for love!

Love at first bite?

Monday, March 15th, 2010

At The Singles Supper Club, March 5, our promising chefs exchange furtive glances over chopping boards while honing their culinary skills with Measure, mince, mix, and mash…at long last, dinner is served.

Love at first sight?  What are the odds?  Very likely according to our evening survey – 75% women and 67% men believe so.

And after dinner, more than half – 55% women and 67% men – will continue to look for love on-line!

One Smart Cookie

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Met Mr. Maybe for the first time for a drink this week aka “a Look See” in the fashion industry.

Is that him?  Gosh, he looks a lot older than his photo.  NOT a good start.

Order drinks, note his nervousness, and oh, how he fidgets!  Before drinks arrive, Mr. Maybe has become Mr. Uh Oh.  Sigh after sigh, I actually believe if I simply stare at his beer long enough, I could WILL him to finish it in 2 seconds and stop his incessant chatter.  I try hard not to squirm and gulp down my Merlot.

Suddenly, Ms. Smart Server appears.  Instead of asking if we’d like another round, she gently shoves the bill under his elbow, and throws me a sympathetic smile.  I thank him as I hurriedly put on my coat.

It’s time to go!  Exit Mr. Uh Oh as I slip back into the restaurant to thank this One Smart Cookie.

Love of Mine

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Where are you? 

Swimming in a sea with plenty of fish, plunging into a pool of lava, singing in harmony, or playing with matches?

On-line daters have an amazing array of sites to seek and also to be found.

For Toronto Singles, check , a detailed slice-and-dice on demographics!

You’ve got:

  • personality – lengthy questionnaires or fill in the blanks,
  • priorities –  seeking fun and casual or meaningful and lasting,
  • activities – cooking, skiing, strolling, lunching, wine-tasting, etc.,
  • speed –  in a hurry, 5 minutes or in a blink, 5 seconds,
  • and math, the perfect algorithm: 1 + THE 1 = L-O-V-E !